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Wolf Livestock Conflict Survey

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has initiated a rulemaking to amend the Washington Administrative Code to address wolf-livestock conflict deterrence in chronic conflict areas (defined as areas where depredations of livestock have occurred and lethal removal of wolves was authorized in two of the last three years). Industrial Economics, Inc. (IEc) is working under contract with WDFW to develop a Small Business Economic Impact Statement (SBEIS) for the draft proposed rule. The goals of an SBEIS are as follows:

-Determine whether the rule will disproportionately affect small businesses (i.e., those employing fewer than 50 people),

-Determine whether the rule will result in more than minor costs to those businesses, and

-Identify potential mitigation for those costs.

IEc is seeking information directly from the affected industry such as our producers regarding the potential costs of this rule and opportunities for cost mitigation.

To learn more and take the survey, visit:

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