2020 was an unprecedented wildfire season. Over 650,000 acres burned in Washington State, thousands of rural community members were forced to evacuate and lost homes, businesses, animals, loved ones and livelihoods. Meanwhile, livestock were displaced from homes because of the ground that was lost to the fire. Many of our ranchers are still feeling the effects of the fires in 2021, as they continue to rebuild their ranches and wait for their pastures and hay fields to recover from the damage sustained in the fires. These ranchers need hay, supplements and other resources to provide for their cattle. 

Here’s how you can continue to help these ranchers thru the WCA:

Have resources to provide? Call the office at (509) 925-9871 or e-mail evp@wacattle.org to be added to a list of people who can offer resources such as feed, bedding or livestock containment etc.

Mail a donation check to:

WCA Wildfire Relief Fund
PO Box 96

Ellensburg, WA 98926

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