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Submit comments on the Department of Ecology’s draft Voluntary Clean Water Guidance for Agriculture

For a number of years, agriculture industry leaders, conservation organizations, tribes and the Department of Ecology (DOE), have been working on a series of drafts on Voluntary Clean Water Guidance for Agriculture (VCWG). DOE recently released the first of a series of chapters open for review and comment on water quality best management practices. This release also includes a new draft of the Nonpoint Source Pollution Plan (NSPP). We encourage our members who have opted into conservation programs, or members with a vested interest in nonpoint source pollution, riparian buffers, or water quality issues, to review these draft chapters and provide comments. It's important that ranchers respond to DOE with feedback while also emphasizing that we are stewards of the land who value and follow science based solutions to water quality issues.

Thank you Kim Weerts for participating as a member of the Implementation Workgroup and thank you Tip Hudson for participating in the Effectiveness Workgroup.

To review chapters 1, 6, 10 and 12 - Click here: 2022 Draft Chapters for Review:

Please submit written comments by December 23rd.

Written Comment Submission process:

Please use this link to submit comments - Public Comment Form:

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