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Senate panel OKs bill to stop sheriff's cougar pursuits

An excerpt from WCA Lobbyist, Mark Streuli's detailed week 2 legislative report to our members this week: "SB 5613 – Van De Wege, Rolfes - Concerning the use of dogs to hunt black bear, cougar, or bobcat. Thank you WCA members that signed in opposing this bad bill. Kudos to Jeff Dawson who testified for WCA and did an awesome job explaining the absolute necessity for counties to have this authority. Also appreciated the support from Sheriff Brad Manke from Stevens County and Sheriff Bob Songer in Klickitat County who both gave excellent testimony in opposition to the bill. It was also opposed by Hunters Heritage. However, the bill was brought up for a vote and our friends on the committee were outnumbered in their opposition to an amendment from Senator Van De Wege that allows counties to continue using hounds to hunt cougars, but requires they get state approval. The fight will continue. The bill was referred to Rules – If it is pulled to the Senate Floor, that will be the next chance to potentially amend the bill in this challenging legislative environment." Read On (Sub Req'd)

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