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NCBA CEO: Looking to solve the world’s food system woes? U.S. cattle producers are the answer

Op-Ed by NCBA CEO Colin Woodall

Sustainability has always been a central component of cattle production in the United States. Multigenerational farms and ranches across the country pass on knowledge and management practices that ensure successful businesses rely on the health our natural resources. Cattle farmers and ranchers work tirelessly to protect the land, water and air resources in their care. Through countless improvements in genetics, grazing management, manure handling and the adoption of many other technologies, sustainability remains at the core of our industry. It’s easy to consider the three legs of sustainability – environmental stewardship, economic viability and social duty – without considering their relation to each other, especially when developing policy. But the pillars of a sustainable farm, supply chain or global food system cannot be considered in silos. Addressing our global concerns in the spotlight of this week’s U.N. Food Systems Summit – food security, nutrition and climate change, require a holistic, integrated approach. Cattle production in the United States can play a central role to addressing these worldwide issues if farmers and ranchers have the freedom and resources to implement innovative solutions. Read On

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