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WCA Wildfire Relief Auction is Now LIVE!!!

WCA 2020 Auction for WCA Wildfire Relief Fund is LIVE!!! Start your bidding!!!

Register, bid and donate by clicking the link:

This auction has been created to raise money to help Washington ranchers who have been affected by the recent devastating wildfires. The WCA is excited to announce that Washington artist, rancher and a past Washington CattleWomen president, Teddy Charlton has graciously and selflessly offered two of her original paintings to be offered for auction for monies to go to our WCA Wildfire Relief Fund. She is also offering a fun sip and paint event at her studio to be auctioned off as well. All money collected will go towards emergency/wildfire assistance and to help these ranchers rebuild what they lost, find temporary grazing locations, help with cattle feed, hay, hay transport, freight and delivery, etc. The list is long of what our ranchers need help with to get their feet back on the ground.

The WCA is committed to helping coordinate these donations and funds for our members, friends and neighbors. Many of them have a long road ahead of them and your bids and any donation amount is much appreciated!

Bids and donations will be taken till November 10 at 1 pm during our virtual convention. We will then announce the winners of the auction items.

Good luck and thank you for your support!

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