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WCA Convention Update

September 9, 2020

Dear WCA members and loyal friends,

The last few months have brought unprecedented levels of unpredictability in the Cattle marketplace, our rural landscapes, and our shared world. Cattle producers are battle tested and have triumphed over previous adversities and we will again. There will be a return to gatherings in person and WCA stands ready and eager to meet you when it is safe to do so.

Unfortunately, in the interim, we must adjust to appropriately carry on business in a way that prioritizes safety and sound judgement. As a result, we are incredibly disappointed to announce we must convert our WCA convention to a virtual-only event. This decision was a difficult consideration for the WCA leadership, and one of lengthy debate.

However, due to mounting health and safety regulations, WCA will not be permitted to host an in-person event in the way in which we feel obligated to deliver—with vendors, banquet style meals, and breakout info sessions.

While we will miss seeing each of you in person — and especially the opportunity to gather in fellowship— we are committed to delivering a meaningful virtual event. Details are forthcoming but please know there will be a dedicated opportunity to learn all about WCA’s activities this year as well as the opportunity to celebrate the successes we accomplished with your help and support. For those of you without internet capabilities, we are working hard to develop an opportunity for you to participate as well.

There has never been a more important time to be a member of WCA, and never a more critical moment to apprise yourself of the issues and challenges facing our industry. We hope you’ll join us virtually on November 10 and join with your peers as we work to advance the interests of Washington’s cattlemen and cattle women.

Please know we are here, working for our members.

Sam Ledgerwood

WCA President

Ashley House

WCA Executive Vice President

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