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HB 1168 Follow-Up

HB 1168 is a massive attempt to devote more resources to fighting wildfires in Washington State. WCA’s Executive Vice President, Ashley House testified live this week on TVW before the House Ag Committee on the importance of grazing in managing forests and our hope that this legislation can play a role in saving ranches in the future. We continue to watch this bill and are looking forward to meeting with Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz to discuss further. Related Information From Commissioner Hillary Franz: Hope doesn’t prevent wildfires and luck doesn’t put them out. That’s why I testified at the legislature today in support of our bill to fully fund wildfire prevention and response. This bill was shaped by fire chiefs, tribal leaders, environmentalists, public health advocates and forest product companies who all agree that we can’t afford to have another fire season like last year’s.

Thank you Representative Larry Springer and Rep. Joel Kretz for sponsoring this critical piece of legislation. I appreciate your leadership and support. From Representative Joel Kretz: So there's this silly rumor circulating that the DNR/Hilary or maybe even the governor has entered into some kind of agreement to turn over logging contracts to China..... I've spent way too much time responding to this and I'd suggest before you share, check the source... I appreciate those of you who shared prefacing it with "if this is true." It ain't, and we who hate "fake news" need to be careful about contributing to the problem. Here's the Commissioner of Public Lands response, and I trust her. You want to know what fake news looks like? This is it. If you have seen this post on Facebook, I want you to know it is 100% untrue. Please do not share it. I take seriously my duty to steward public lands legally, ethically, and transparently. No such meetings happened or are scheduled. No such activity is planned, nor would it ever be allowed. In fact, federal law prohibits the international export of logs from public lands, like the working forests managed by the Department of Natural Resources (Forest Resources Conservation and Shortage Relief Act, 36 CFR § 223.188 ). I hate that I even have to ask this, but if you see this post shared, please inform people that is a untrue.

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