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Funding opportunity with WA Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for riparian improvement projects

Do you like money?

Check out this funding opportunity with the WA Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for riparian improvement projects!

Last Legislative session The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was granted funds to conduct riparian improvement projects in upland and range areas on DNR lands. Projects must be performed on State owned DNR lands, with the goal of improving water quality and habitat for Salmon.

What does this means for Cattlemen?

If you have a DNR lease with water adjacent to or running through it, these funds could be used to protect or enhance that water resource!

Some examples of current projects in range areas on State lands are:

· cattle exclusion fencing (both hard fencing and virtual fencing)

· off creek watering troughs, hardened watering points, and native plantings.

Time is of the essence to apply for these funds, as there is a current deadline of July 1, 2023 if no extension is granted. Don’t wait! Questions and project ideas should be directed to:

Ian Daling

Riparian Improvement Project Coordinator


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