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Boots on the Hill: February 9th!

WCA members please join us for the upcoming Boots on the Hill event at our State Capital on February 9th! We need our members participation to join us this day and to help us spread the word about this very important event!

Mark Streuli has been doing a tremendous job setting up legislative and agency visits for us throughout the day.

Questions about attending? Please email

The more members we have attend the better!!! We need them to hear what issues WCA supports and doesn’t, which is critical to our membership & our agricultural & cattle industry! It really a beautiful thing to see the hallways in the Capital filled with cowboy hats and to hear the echoes from the heels of cowboy boots, rather than loafers, within the marbled hallways.

Please RSVP ASAP if you plan on attending and e-mail Chelsea Hajny at We will send out a final schedule soon and will also be figuring out a carpool schedule as well.



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