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ACTION ALERT for TODAY!!! Help WCA Oppose House Bill 1117 "Net Ecological Gain"

What is Net Ecological Gain? Nobody knows, because it's not clearly defined, but according to HB 1117, it's a standard that must be met for salmon recovery that this bill trys to add to Growth Management Act requirements.

Oppose this bad bill that is a direct attack on farms and voluntary conservation projects!!!

The bill has a hearing in the Senate Ways & Means Committee tomorrow on Saturday, Feb. 26 at 9:00 a.m.

We need you to sign in as opposed TODAY!

If you are interested in signing in as opposed, please click here:

Then follow these steps:

- In the box marked "Committee:" select "Ways & Means" - In the box marked "Meetings:" select "02/26/22 9:00 AM" - Under "Select agenda item" click the circle to left of "E2SHB 1117" - Next, under "Select type of testimony" click on "I would like my position noted for the legislative record" - This brings you to a new page where you enter in your "Con" position first and then your personal information. Please note that only the information with an "*" is required information. So you do not need to provide your address. - Finish by clicking on the box to the left of "I'm not a robot" and then click the green "Submit Registration" button just below that.

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