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Senate Passes WOTUS Resolution of Disapproval

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

From our friends at the NCBA:

RE: Senate Passes WOTUS Resolution of Disapproval

Today, the U.S. Senate passed a Resolution of Disapproval of the Biden WOTUS Rule under the Congressional Review Act (by a margin of 53-43). In addition to all Republicans (excluding Minority Leader McConnell who is recovering from an injury), Senators Manchin, Tester, Sinema, Cortez Masto, and Rosen joined the majority.

The Resolution now moves to President Biden’s desk and sends an important message to both the White House and Supreme Court. In short, Congress does not approve of this administration’s application of the Clean Water Act. However, today’s vote does not immediately change the effect of the Biden WOTUS definition, which is still in place in 48 states.

We’ll keep you updated as this issue continues to evolve.

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