About Us

In 1925 the Washington Cattlemen's Association developed a statewide, grassroots organization that devoted itself to promoting agriculture and the cattle industry and today, 92 years later, that remains the hallmark of our association. We have dedicated ourselves to preserving, protecting, and promoting the beef industry through producer and consumer education, legislative participation, regulatory scrutiny, and legal intervention.

In terms of preserving, protecting, and promoting the cattle industry of Washington, WCA is leading the charge. WCA is, and continually strives to be, the respected voice of Washington’s cattle industry. WCA works daily on the issues that are important to Washington cattle producers at both a state and national level.

Our Mission

Provide a unified voice for beef producers, promote innovative rangeland and livestock management, protect and preserve the cattle industry in the State of Washington.

Our Goals

  • Protect your water and property rights (WCA continues its active role defending RCW 90.44.050 in Washington's Supreme Court (June 16, 2011), and is working to ensure that Stock Water, both riparian and groundwater remain intact)

  • Serve as a central contact point for the Beef Cattle Industry in Washington State

  • Empower and enhance membership 

  • Partner with the US Meat Export Federation (2007,2008 and 2011) on a variety of programs that help increase international export access for Washington and US cattle and beef. (these markets include Japan, Mexico and Taiwan)

  • Actively support the Beef Checkoff and efforts to enhance the promotion of beef as a healthful food item

  • Promote education for members 

  • Be a leader in resolving water quality issues for livestock operators

  • Work to ensure the business climate in Washington State is conducive to not only maintaining, but also expanding the beef industry in Washington State. (sales & use tax exmeptions on Diesel Fuel, Replacement Parts for Farm Machinery and Livestock Pharmacuticals) 

  • Represent private property owners/rights in Endangered Species Act listings/legislation

2018 Washington Cattlemen's Association Policy Book

To learn more about where the Washington Cattlemen's Association stands on tough issues check out our 2018 Policy Book.  The policy book is updated every year by our members at the WCA annual state convention to reflect the direction of the association. 

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Email us at frontdesk@wacattle.org